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Step by Step Guide to Clean Solar Panels

Solar Panel Installation at home and use of solar power as a renewable source of energy is a great sustainable choice. Harnessing the full potential of solar energy starts with pure and clean solar panels. Have you ever wondered how to clean solar panels at home? This step by step guide takes you through each step of the cleaning process, ensuring that the solar panels are operating at peak efficiency. Let's get into the detailed guide to efficiently clean roof top solar panels.

Step 1: Assess the safety situation.

Turn off the solar panel system. The manufacturer's instructions will tell you how to switch off your system. Remember to prioritize safety before cleaning solar panels. Avoid cleaning on windy days or in hot conditions where the solar panels are exposed to direct sunlight. Make sure the weather conditions are suitable for cleaning the solar panels.

Step 2: Check the manufacturer's instructions.

Try starting by checking the manufacturer’s instructions. Since there are different brands of solar panels, they list what your solar panels should follow. Adherence to it can prevent unnecessary damage, especially in residential solar systems.

Step 3: Remove dust and debris.

Carefully remove dust and dirt from solar panels. Dirt and debris build-up can reduce the efficiency of your solar panels.

Step 4: Spray with water.

Next, spray the solar panels with water and do not apply too much pressure while spraying.

This can damage the panels. Try to spray very gently with water, this helps keep dust and debris off the panel.

Step 5: Avoid hard detergents

Do not use hard detergents or other chemicals to clean the home solar panel system. Harsh detergents may damage your panels.

Step 6: Gently wipe the surface.

Using a soft brush and a sponge, gently wipe the surface of the solar panels in a circular motion.

Step 7: After wiping, rinse with water

After wiping, rinsing with water will help remove the remaining dust and dirt.

Step 8: Dry the panels

Allow the solar panels to dry naturally.

Step 9: Reactivating the solar panel system

After the solar panels are fully dried, it’s time to reactivate the home solar panel system.

Rooftop solar panels for home are a great choice and helps in substantial saving of energy. Even though the initial installation cost is high, it will be economical in the long run. But timely cleaning and maintenance is important in keeping the efficiency of residential solar panels at the peak level.

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